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Puerto Banús

The most important things you need to know about Puerto Banús

  1. General
  2. Sights
  3. Culinary delights
  4. Lifestyle
  5. Nightlife
  6. Shopping
  7. Sports & Leisure
  8. Beaches & Beach Clubs
  9. Real Estate projects
  10. Why Puerto Banús

1. General

Puerto Banús is one of the major attractions of the Costa del Sol. Every year around 5 million tourists come here to enjoy all the luxuries of the Costa del Sol. Here you can go shopping in the most glamorous shops of the Costa del Sol and go out in one of the many nightclubs. In Puerto Banús people are always looking for that extra touch. This makes it one of the most exclusive marinas in Europe.

puerto banus port
Port Puerto Banús

2. Sights

In Puerto Banús, the port itself is of course the center of attention. Here is room for more than 900 boats. Many yachts stay there permanently and are only used as holiday homes. In addition to the view of the yachts, you will also encounter many luxurious sports cars that are driven or simply paraded by the owners.

The harbour, which opened in 1970, was built in the classic Andalusian style and therefore resisted high-rise buildings. However, the founder of the port, José Banús, first wanted the port to be surrounded by skyscrapers, but after a few meetings with the architect, he understood that this would be out of place here.

José Banús is honored in the harbor in different ways. You will find his statue at the entrance of the marina and there is also la Avenida Jose Banús. This is almost a walk of fame of the port where the city council of Marbella has paid several starfish tributes to the locals who have done a lot for the city.

3. Culinary delights

If you are in Puerto Banús, you don’t have to look hard to find good restaurants. For the many tourists, not only local dishes are prepared, but they can also taste international cuisines. Here you will find something for everyone!

Mumtaz-Puerto Banús is an Indian restaurant located in the harbor. It has a large fenced terrace that overlooks the large yachts and is ideal to stay on summer evenings. The chefs prepare high quality Indian dishes based on authentic Indian herbs.

Another recommendation that can also be found in the harbor is Jacks Smokehouse. Here you can enjoy an authentic BBQ experience with a view of the yachts. This restaurant offers a taste of the real center of Manhattan combined with the glamorous background of Puerto Banús.

If you would like to have an Italian evening, you can visit Incontrobanus. This Italian restaurant has been serving classic Italian meals prepared in an authentic way since 2011.

In Puerto Banús there are too many nice bars and restaurants to mention. Be sure to stroll along Calle Ribera and discover what Puerto Banús has to offer in culinary terms!

4. Lifestyle

The marina of Puerto Banús, which is surrounded by mountains, has its own microclimate that allows you to enjoy the sun at least 300 days a year. The beautiful weather combined with the present luxury make this place an international attraction.

Puerto Banús is a cosmopolitan place, where many different cultures come together. This world famous port distinguishes itself by adapting to all the needs of its inhabitants. Here you will find numerous glamorous boutiques, bars and restaurants where you can stay all year round. If you walk on the promenade you will not only have a beautiful view of the sea, but you will also see all the luxury that the port has to offer.

Moreover, when you think of Puerto Banus, you immediately think of the lifestyle that comes with it. Also for Jose Banús, the founder of the port, the intention was to make this place the “jewel of the crown” of Nueva Andalucía and he certainly succeeded in doing so.

Puerto Banús

5. Nightlife

Marbella is well known on the Costa del Sol for its vibrant nightlife, but the majority of exclusive nightlife spots can be found in Puerto Banús. Although it is already a busy place during the day, it comes even more alive at night. Enjoy a gourmet dinner at one of the restaurants before entering the bustling nightlife. Or relax in one of the piano bars overlooking the harbor.

Tibu Night Club is the perfect location to start your evening with a delicious dinner on the roof terrace, then move on to the indoor night club where the best performances and live music are brought.

There is also La Comedia, one of the oldest clubs in Puerto Banús marina and also one of the most popular. This bar easily stays open all night.

6. Shopping

Although Puerto Banús is not such a big port, it is the place to be for shop-a-holics. Here you’ll find everything from El Corte Inglés to high-end designer boutiques. There are several shopping malls such as Centro Plaza or Marina Banús, but most of the city’s designer labels can be found in the marina, along the Calle Ribera.

Located along Plaza Antonio Banderas and very visible from the A-7, you will find El Corte Inglés. This store consists of 5 floors where you can find everything from clothing to cosmetics and even furniture. You can easily park in the underground garage that is present.

In front of El Corte Inglés you will find Marina Banús. This shopping center has 2 floors where mainly famous commercial stores can be found.

In addition to commercial shopping centers, there is also Centro Plaza. Here you can find retail and business services. Ranging from buying new technology to searching for advice on designing houses or updating your wardrobe with the latest clothing and accessories.

7. Sports & Leisure

If you like water sports, Water Sports Puerto Banús is the place to be. Here you can jet ski & water ski, windsurf, kayak and much more.

At Glow Wellness & Fitness you can exercise as well as relax. This is the number 1 gym where you can train in the fitness, cycling and activity areas. And after exercising you can immediately switch to the relaxing spacenter where you can let yourself be pampered 100%.

If you would like to go to the cinema for an evening out, Teatro Goya Cines is the place to be. This is the only cinema in Marbella that regularly shows original films with Spanish subtitles. Don’t worry if you don’t master Spanish yet!

8. Beaches & Beach Clubs

Puerto Banús has 3 pleasant beaches located along the port, namely Playa Nueva Andalucía, Playa Puerto Banús and Playa del Rio Verde.

Playa Nueva Andalucía and Playa del Río Verde have both been awarded a blue EU flag. This means that they both have excellent facilities and high standards of hygiene.

Playa Puerto Banús is located next to the port and Playa del Río Verde. This beach is just over a kilometer long and is filled with fine sand. The water here is calm and shallow, which makes it very interesting for families. Here you will find nice beach bars such as La Pesquera or Levante Beach Club, which both serve delicious dishes in combination with the best wines.

Playa puerto Banus
Playa Puerto Banús

9. Real Estate projects

Around Puerto Banús we have numerous projects in portfolio. Be sure to check out Marein Banús and discover what this project has to offer!

10. Why Puerto Banús?

In the overview below you will get a clear idea why Puerto Banús is perfect for you.

  • Luxurious, glamorous,…
  • Shopping paradise
  • Extensive gastronomy
  • Vibrant nightlife
  • Pleasant beaches
  • Touristic
  • At 15 min from Marbella
  • At 20 min from Estepona

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