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Buying a new property in Costa del Sol: Why choose only one estate agent?

If you are in the market for a newly built apartment, penthouse or villa in Costa del Sol, you might be tempted to start your search through several real estate agents. However, this will work against you rather than in your favor. In this article we explain, based on arguments, why you should only work with one estate agent.

BIV makelaar Costa del Sol

2 common misconceptions of people looking for real estate in Costa del Sol

1. Don’t search for new construction in Costa del Sol through 10 agents

A common “understandable” misconception of people who are looking for new properties in Costa del Sol, is that they think they can visit more projects through more brokers, but nothing is less true. Unlike in Belgium and the Netherlands, every real estate agent has access to all projects.

That is already the 1st good reason to stay with 1 broker.

In addition, there are 2 other important reasons:

  1. When you contact several real estate agents, none of them has the chance to really understand your needs thoroughly, so you risk being guided inefficiently. You want to avoid looking at dozens of projects that do not correspond to your wishes.
  2. Multiple brokers working for you often also lose their objectivity, in their competition with the colleague. When you stay with 1 broker, he or she can inform you in all objectivity about all projects.

So when you have a good contact with 1 specific broker, stay with this colleague! Therefore, you do not have to go with INVESTINSPAIN, but choose just 1!

2. Not purchasing directly through the developer

Furthermore, it is very important for you as a customer to buy through a broker, and not directly from the developer.

After all, the prices remain the same everywhere for 1 specific property/project, but a developer will of course explain his project in a non-objective way. A real estate agent acts in the interest of his client!

In addition, for people from Belgium and the Netherlands, it is nice to work with a real estate agent who speaks your language, and also knows the local market and developers well. This ensures that miscommunication is kept to a minimum. And what’s more, you can always consult your estate agent in case of doubt.

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