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Buy luxurious home in Spain

Buy luxurious home in Spain – Buying upmarket real estate abroad is not so easy if you are not familiar with it. There are other legal rules applicable than in Belgium. In addition, the taxes on real estate are different. That is why good and clear information about a real estate purchase in Spain is essential. To avoid unpleasant surprises, the best option is to work together with a reliable real estate agency like INVESTINSPAIN who can guide you during the whole process.

Buy a home in Spain: important elements

Reliable real estate agency in Belgium and Spain

INVESTINSPAIN has offices in both Belgium and Spain. So we can help you before, during and after the purchase of your new home in our offices in Belgium and in Spain. It is reassuring that in legal terms we speak your language and you always have accurate translations of all documents. In addition, we know the Costa del Sol very well, so we understand the local real estate market. We will try to understand your needs and offer you a selection of interesting opportunities.

Inspection trip to explore the region and some projects

INVESTINSPAIN.BE organizes inspection trips from all airports in Belgium to Marbella. During an appointment in our office in Mechelen we select together with you the projects that interest you. If you are concretely interested in one or more projects, we plan a trip to visit them. This can be during the weekend, or during the week. If you eventually decide to purchase your dream, through INVESTINSPAIN.BE, we will refund your full journey!

Tax & legal advice for during the whole process

In Spain your interests are not served by a notary, but by a lawyer. INVESTINSPAIN supports on a team of lawyers and tax experts who speak Dutch, English, French and Spanish. They (www.welex.es) work with fixed assigned lawyers and tax specialists for our customers. Thats why a customized service is possible. In addition, to the usual legal control programs of the property when you buy, they can also answer your financial questions. Buying property through a company? A new Spanish company, or your own existing company? Buying private? Usufruct? Inheritance law? Our lawyers and tax specialists will answer all your questions.

Buy your new luxurious home in Spain with INVESTINSPAIN

As you can notice, your comfort is our priority. We help you understand all the different elements of the purchase process. So you always know what is going on. Thanks to our specialization you do not have to worry about practical details.

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